Driver Licence renewals - medicals

 The process is proving extremely problematic as existing medical appointments are being cancelled or medicals can not be booked. The DVSA have suggested that:

  • A driver should telephone DVLA in the first instance to explain the situation and request a letter allowing he/she to drive in the interim period until the medical is concluded.
  • If a driver can not get through to DVLA, driver should write to DVLA by email or post fully explaining the situation, asking for a resolution and providing any evidence where possible i.e a letter showing a medical has been cancelled or details of enquiries made to try and book a medical.
  • It is imperative that the driver make written contact with DVLA and keeps a copy of the letter.
  • In light of the circumstances and potential difficulty getting through to DVLA at present, DVSA has told me that the driver can continue to drive and it will not take any enforcement action so long as driver carries a copy of the letter/email sent to DVLA explaining the situation.

We would also recommend that the driver/Operator must also contact the insurer in this instance, to explain and approve the above course of action. This may be problematic in itself.