Digidown Terminal

This universal solution means you can now upload data from any tachograph download tool and driver card and send this data automatically direct to your service analysis service, or wherever you choose, with little or no impact on your local IT infrastructure.

Digidown Terminal will read data automatically from any driver card when it is inserted into the card slot. Progress and completion is shown on the colour touch screen.

Digidown Terminal reads data from any standard tachograph data download tool with USB connections including Lisle Design's Digidown range. It will also read data from keys with no USB connection.

You choose yout upload connection - Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPRS. The transfer of your data to your analysis bureau is automatic and above all secure, as the data will only go to the location configured on your Digidown Terminal.

Your Digidown Terminal will arrive ready to configure and ready to use. Just connect it to a mains supply and switch on.


  • 4.3" Colour touch screen.
  • Robust black case suitable for operation on a horizontal or vertical surface.
  • Integral tachograph smart card reader, downloads card contents automatically whenever a card is inserted.
  • Integral USB host port, reads data automatically from download tools which appear as USB memory devices.
  • Integral 6-way connector to read data automatically from download tools which do not have a USB connection.
  • Options of sending data onwards by Ethernet, Wi-Fi or internal GPRS.
  • Works straight out of the box - Universal solution for data collection and data forwarding.
  • Complete Solution - Supplied with cables and mains adapter.


  • Easy to set up, easy to fix down, easy to use.
  • Use any standard download tool.
  • Improves user experience - downloads card contents automatically, with a clear progress bar on the colour screen.
  • Saves time - automatic data transfer with choice of Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GPRS.
  • Improves security - data will only be sent to agreed location configured on device.
  • Little or no IT involvement required.
  • Aids compliance - Works with all drivers hours and Working Time Analysis software.


 Size 190mm x 135mm x 55mm 
 Weight Approx 500g with mains power supply.
 Cable lengths USB upload cable 200mm
Power supply cable 2m
Ethernet cable 5m
 Internal memory 500Mbytes available for storage of tachograph and card data files.
Data is retained when the power supply is removed.