TAS can offer the training courses listed below.

We also can keep you up to date on latest requirements as below:

Changes to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence periodic training

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) periodic training is to be monitored by DVSA to ensure drivers are not unnecessarily repeating training as part of the 35-hour requirement.

This follows a review of Driver CPC training and recommendations made by the European Commission which the Government has adopted.

What this means for drivers

DVSA will monitor drivers records to identify periodic training that doesn’t support their professional driver development because of unnecessary repetition.

If we identify unnecessary repetition we may take action which could include revoking a driver's Driver Qualification Card (DQC).

What drivers need to do

To make sure drivers continue to develop professionally and keep Great Britain’s roads safe they should take training which benefits them and their job. This will ensure they increase their knowledge of what it takes to continue to drive safely instead of repeating the same training session.

DVSA will only allow repetition of training when it supports a driver’s development. For example, if more than one day’s training is required to maintain a qualification such as driving dangerous goods.

Working with training bodies

We will be working with training bodies to ensure they are not delivering a specific training session to the same driver more than once unless it is necessary for their professional development.

Forklift Training

These are the types of trucks we cover, however if you require training on a vehicle that isn’t listed below please contact us.


TC Approved Operator Course - Accredited

The course components include:-


CPC Training

 TAAS can provide a range of driver CPC courses, from driver hours to awareness and national operator refreshers, all CPC accredited. A full list of available courses is as follows:-  


HI-AB Training

We can provide training for HIAB - please contact us for details and costs.


Operator Awareness Course - 12th May

Next Course - 12th May 2017Subject to be covered are: