Digidown RDL

Digidown RDL is a tachograph vehicle and driver card download system that runs in the background.


  • Easy to install. It only takes 5 minutes to have it up and running.
  • Made in the UK. The only remote download system made in the UK.
  • Schedule your downloads to suit business needs. Get your tachograph downloads daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Don’t miss a single day. Download all driver cards as soon as they are inserted in the tachograph or as often as you want.
  • Send the data wherever you need it to go. Receive your data automatically in your email inbox or send them straight to your analysis bureau.
  • Flexible. Download all or part of the data stored in the tachograph including activities, events, faults and detailed speed.
  • Hyper Card range compatible. Handling different companies was never so easy. Host as many cards as you need without limitations.

Hyper Card Rack 20 Front2

Supporting Compliance - Delivering information - Providing certainty - All under your control.


  • Secure. Encrypted communications with HTTPS or FTPS.
  • Universal. Works with all makes of digital tachographs.
  • Easy access to real time data. Access real time data such as driver identity, current driver activity, driving time notifications and more.
  • Superb support. We will ensure that your partnership with us is a success at every stage.