Tachograph Analysis Solutions & Services

All vehicles are fitted with a Tachograph that automatically records its speed, distance, driver's activity (as well as much more). All Drivers and their employers are legally required to accurately record their tachograph data, retain the records and undertake tachograph analysis in order to produce reports on demand to the DVSA.

This is why you need to ensure you use accurate tachograph analysis software or make use of the services of a qualified tachograph analysis consultant (to do the hard work for you). 

At TAS we analyse your Tachograph data and provide you the reports that you need to ensure you are compliant with the latest regulations regarding tachograph analysis.

We work with companies of all sizes

At TAS we work with companies big and small to analyse their tachograph data and ensure they remain legally compliant.

Further more, we don't just give you the data and  walk away, instead we provide comprehensive reports for all tachograph analysis projects and ensure you understand your data so you can remain compliant. We can provide reports as hard copies or through a secure client download.

Providing accurate reports is a legal requirement

If you run an organisation that makes use of commercial vehicles (or are a self employed commercial  driver) then you are required by law to provide accurate tachograph analysis data to DVSAAt TAS we can ensure that you provide this data on time and with minimal fuss.

If you want to find out more about our tachograph analysis services (or any of our other services) please get in touch