Digidown CR

The EU requirement to download data regularly from digital tachograph driver cards is well known. From the end of December 2010 the same applies for international journeys in AETR countries. For users who can get back to base and store the downloaded data, the Digidown Plus unit is an ideal tool to meet this requirement.

Downloading must still be carried out whilst away from base, for instance on extended journeys.

With other Digidown products, data can be downloaded into a memory card and then the memory card can be sent back to base. The new DigidownCR avoids this need to send the memory card back to base. Instead the data can be sent back via a suitable Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

Even back at base it can be inconvenient to take downloaded data to where it is needed. Once again the DigidownCR can be used in conjunction with a suitable mobile phone. Alternatively the DigidownCR can be used in conjunction with the
Digidown Base Box, removing the need for a mobile phone.

When sending data back to base, there is no need for special mobile phone contracts. When used with the Digidown Base box there are no on-going costs at all. When sending data back as e-mails via Bluetooth and a suitable mobile phone then a normal mobile phone arrangement (contract or pre-pay) is quite suitable.


  • Downloads all of the contents of a digital tachograph driver card without the need for a company card.
  • Also downloads the contents of other tachograph cards (workshop, control and company).
  • Sends the data back to base via Bluetooth o Using the Digidown Base box, or o Using a suitable Bluetooth-enabled phone
  • Downloaded data files match the requirements of EU Regulation 3821/85 Annex 1B.
  • Three LEDs show status and progress.
  • USB port allows for programming and for use as a standard USB memory device.
  • Also downloads driver cards whilst in USB mode.


  • Totally compatible with standard Digidown, Digidown Plus and Digidown Blue units.
  • No need to carry downloaded data back to base.
  • Low cost unit. Uses standard AAA-size alkaline batteries giving long battery life.
  • Low data transmission costs. No need for special mobile phone contracts.
  • No data transmission costs when used with the Digidown Base box.
  • Works with all Drivers hours and Working Time Analysis Software.


 Size  110 x 65 x 20mm
 Weight  Approx 80g without batteries, 105g with typical alkaline batteries
 Cable lengths  USB upload cable – 2m
 Memory capacity  512kbytes internal memory ready-formatted, sufficient for up to 20 driver cards