Business Development - Cross Sector Collaboration

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is asking all Operators with available vehicles/drivers/warehousing to register on a database to match organisations together to meet current demand. This database has been included in communications and could be a useful business development opportunity for you. See link and detail below. (The FTA is also creating a similar database for its current and new members )

To complete your details please fill in the online form.

CILT Coronavirus Response Database

CILT is calling for cross sector collaboration to ensure that the UK is equipped to respond to the coronavirus crisis. The Institute is providing a service to match organisations together, so that those who have capacity can help those in need, by making available staff, vehicles and expertise to support the supply chain.

If you have capacity and would like to help those in need, please complete this online form. The information provided will be uploaded into the public non-editable resource database, for others to view and to directly reach out to you.

You are being asked to contact us if: 

You are an organisation (be it in the logistics, supply chain or passenger transport sectors) with resource availability including, drivers, vehicles or warehousing

You are a vehicle rental company with available vehicles

You are a retired member of CILT – who is not classified as “high risk” – and able to offer your services and expertise to logistics operations at this time