Changes to Commercial Drivers Hours

Currently, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) can only fine commercial drivers on the day the offence is committed and for ongoing offences (such as tampering with Tachographs).

However, new laws mean that drivers can be fined for any offences that have occurred in the last 28 days, regardless of whether they are in Great Britain or anywhere else.  There could now be an instance where a driver is spot checked and could be fined for up to 5 hours of offences, so could be looking at a fine of £1,500 if the rules have consistently been broken.

There is no set date for these changes yet, but they will be well publicised in advance to ensure all are aware.

In addition, from 1st November 2017, DVSA inspectors can also fine drivers for taking insufficient rest. If a driver spends their full weekly rest break in their vehicle in places where it causes a problem, ie, in the cab of their lorry in a layby, they could be fined up to £300.

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